About Lekolar

We develop solutions for inspiring and sustainable learning environments in schools and preschools in the Nordics

Lekolar is a Nordic leader in developing learning environments for children and young people. We have achieved this position by providing schools and preschools with what they need to run and improve their businesses for over 50 years – from individual furniture and complete solutions to toys and educational tools.

With a high-quality range of safe and sustainable products, we meet the current needs of schools and preschools, and together with our customers we create inspiring learning environments where children and young people can prosper.

Our story began in 1971 as part of BRIO and in 2006 we became Lekolar. Today, we have around 370 employees in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland, and are headquartered in Osby, Sweden. In 2021, our revenues amounted to SEK 1.53 billion. Since 2017, the company is owned by Nalka Invest.

In 2022 Lekolar acquired Panduro, market-leading consumer supplier of hobby materials and creative products, with a turnover of over SEK 1 billion and around 650 employees.


We provide schools and preschools with the best conditions to develop their operations

With the everyday life of educators and children in focus, we offer products and complete solutions that provide schools and preschools the best conditions to run and develop their operations. Our offer is developed to meet all the requirements placed on schools and preschools and consists of products in three categories: Education & Play, Furniture and Playground.


With safety and sustainability in the first place

Our highest priority is to guarantee the safety of children, educators, and the manufacturers of our products. It is about offering sustainable and non-toxic products of high quality that are safe for the children and educators who use them, taking a great social responsibility throughout the value chain, and reducing our impact on the environment. This means, among other things, that we are in a transition to a circular economy and that we are working towards ambitious sustainability goals. In 2015, we also became the first in the industry to sign Operation non-toxic preschool.